Sneak Peek for the Week

Someday 1 - 7, 2011

This week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom

This month's Habit is: Swish and Swipe

Zone 3 Mission #1 Monday

Dear Friends:

We are back in the bathroom! Here is a really simple mission for you. Clear off the counter tops and flat surfaces, put away the medicines, the toothbrushes, the cosmetics, etc. Bathroom counters are hotspots for all of us but we don't think of them as hotspots because we think we NEED the stuff, so we just let it sit. PUT THESE THINGS AWAY! Do not get sidetracked with emptying out your cabinets and drawers. Just get rid of the stuff that is on the counter-tops and other flat surfaces.

Do you have a coat closet or hall closet? This is our extra room today! Set your timer for 15 minutes and declutter and spruce up this area. We are moving closer to summer and we do not need winter items everywhere. You can take this mission into any closet in your home if you do not have a coat closet or hall closet.

Zone 3 Mission #2 Tuesday

Dear Friends:

Today we are going to shine our tubs or showers! We have talked about shinning our sinks since you started and we want you take 5 or 10 minutes to shine that tub or shower. Do not get obsessed with the tub being perfect. Just scrub the tub with whatever works. There is no perfect tub/shower cleaner or perfect way to do this. Shampoo on a wash cloth will work! Whatever or however you choose, anything is better then nothing, then spritz it with a little windex and dry it with a towel like you shine your sink.

Errand day is coming up so let's go into the laundry and check the items we need to add to the list. I know many of you have been home for a while so let's restock these items so we can stay on track with the laundry.

Zone 3 Mission #3 Wednesday

Dear Friends:

Your mission for today is to check the supplies that are needed in your bathroom. Do you need toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, soap etc. Add these to your shopping list this week. Take a visual inventory to make sure you have what you need so one of your family members are not stuck in the bathroom yelling for toilet paper, nothing says "I Love You" like plenty of toilet paper! These things are so easy to forget until you are standing in the shower with no soap! Get a list ready for your next errand day.

Have fun and don't obsess, just one babystep at a time!

For the extra room today let us go into the garage and do a 27 fling boogie! Get a trash bag and find 27 pieces of trash. Use you timer and remember don't get sidetracked, you are looking for trash only! If you do not have a garage move this mission to a room that is not on the Zone list.

Zone 3 Mission #4 Thursday

Dear Friends:

For the bathroom today, take 10 minutes to toss old cosmetics and perfumes. If you have these items that you have not used for over a year but they are still hanging around, it is time to dump them.

Let's dump those lipsticks, mascaras, and eye-shadows that we have held on to since high school and college. The key to what to not to keep is: If you have not worn anything in the past year then....... TOSS!

Most cosmetics have a limited shelf life and are harboring grounds for bacteria. This also applies to lotions and moisturizers.

Let's return to the garage for today and find 27 things that need to be in the give away pile. Grab a box and set your timer or put on a song that will motivate you. This mission can be taken to any room of the house that needs a little extra attention.

Zone 3 Mission #5 Friday

Dear Friends:

Today I want you to grab those old toothbrushes that you have just for cleaning and scrub those sink faucets and tub faucets. It is amazing how gross those faucets can get! Just a little soap and water with the toothbrush will make a huge difference. I know this is on of those missions that makes you groan but it takes less than 5 minuted to do and those faucets will shine!

It's Friday!! Today as many of you know is clean out our car or purse day. So, let's get to that car and get all the trash and UFO's out of there. Don't forget about the coats, and Jackets. Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2022 FlyLady and Company, Inc.